Community Update: The Port Lands

7 February 2022

At the request of the Co-Owners, ACCPathways (a division of ACCFutures) is pleased to provide the following update to the communities of Akwesasne and the City of Cornwall regarding progress being made at the jointly owned Port Lands site.

Over the past 18 months the Co-Owners have been meeting regularly to advance the development of the site. The following represents some key highlights over the period:

  1. The engagement of ACCPathways as Project Manager.
  2. The creation of a community facing website and social accounts.
  3. The facilitation of a public engagement survey, forum, and idea’s board, with over 1000 responses.
    The feedback from the community engagement survey indicated that the majority of respondents cared most about adding vibrancy to the waterfront. The items the community was most interested in seeing incorporated into the Port Lands development (in descending order) included:

    1. Walking and biking paths
    2. Restaurants/bars
    3. Public market space
    4. Access to parks/green space
    5. Outdoor event space
    6. Retail/shopping and Public docking and boat access (tied)
    7. Fishing Piers
  4. An artwork contest which called out for submissions from the community.
    The objective given to artists was to design something that could be used in future signage at the Port Lands. The submissions were given the directive to reflect the spirit of good faith, mutual respect, understanding and harmony aimed for in the planning, development and maintenance of the Port Lands.

    Winning submission: Joseph King, Akwesasne
  5. The successful demolition of the Cornwall Warehouse building and subsequent seeding of the area.
    Demolition begins this week at The Port Lands!
  6. The installation of armour stones to protect the newly seeded area.

  7. The joint commemoration of Canada’s first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation at the Port Lands site with a traditional Tobacco Burn Ceremony at sunrise.

  8. Completed an updated Phase I Environmental Site Assessment on the property.
  9. Recognition by the Ontario Professional Planners Institute in Municipal Monitor Magazine
  10. As well as numerous other administrative, financial, and governance-related items.

In terms of the next steps, a priority for the Co-Owners is to continue to advance the necessary environmental work at the site, which must be completed prior to development. A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment is required and will proceed imminently. This is expected to conclude Spring 2022. Concurrently with the environmental work, the Co-Owners are investigating options for community use of the site for Summer 2022, which could incorporate elements the community identified as important in the survey.

Lastly, the Co-Owners are pleased to announce that the Project Management contract with ACCPathways has been renewed for a further 2-year period. “It has been a pleasure working with ACCPathways. They do an excellent job representing both parties. This project has come a long way, and we have addressed many important and complicated issues. We are a long way away from where we started!” Chief Edward Roundpoint, Director, Akwesasne Harbour Development Corporation, and member of the Co-Owners Committee.

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