Art Contest Winner Declared!

30 June 2021


The Co-Owners wanted to find ways to excite and engage the communities of Akwesasne and Cornwall in the work being done at the Port Lands. So, in February 2021, they announced an Art Contest!

The contest was open to all ages and all skill levels. Artists were encouraged to submit visual art which showcased the partnership’s spirit of good faith, mutual respect, understanding, and harmony in the planning, development, and maintenance of the Port Lands.

Submissions were collected throughout March and April and then presented to the Co-Owners for their vote.

The Co-Owners were blown away at the variety and creativity of the submissions. Artists successfully demonstrated what collaboration, friendship, and reconciliation meant to them.

It was difficult to choose a winner as they all stood out in their own unique way. Ultimately, Akwesasne artist and graphic designer Joseph King was declared the winner and announced via Facebook on June 25th.

Joseph’s design was clean and clever. He incorporated landmarks such as the Seaway International Bridge, the clock tower, and the all-important St. Lawrence River.  He used Native patterns and an image of the tree of peace. Perhaps most significantly, he incorporated the two rob wampum, which symbolizes the peaceful relations between the two communities.

Art Contest Winner! 

The Co-Owners thank all artists for their submissions and congratulate Joseph King for his winning entry!

All submissions: